Happy Holidays...Desktop Joy.

Hello all! I hope you are all enjoying the end of 2007 and looking forward to 2008 and the surprises it will undoubtedly bring. I'm uploading some images in this post...just some patterns I'm particularly fond of. They are big enough to use as a desktop screensaver...so click, save and enjoy!

This has been a really incredible year for me, for so many reasons. I am home now in Boston visiting my family, and have some time to reflect. I'm thankful for all of my friends, family and loved ones who have made this year so special for me. Their support and encouragement has been incredibly edifying.

I'm really inspired and encouraged every day by my creative peers, my great customers...some of whom are new friends...and by the art/craft community in general. I hope we all continue to enjoy ourselves...not losing sight of why we make what we do and why it's so important. love, Susy


Handmade Styling Concepts...

It's funny how sometimes something you design for one purpose accidentally turns into another...

I've been experimenting with some new ideas, as far as products go, and I'm really excited about some of them, although they are not *quite* where I want them to be yet. I'm hoping to introduce a small selection of home decor items...different interpretations of everyday household wares with a clever handmade touch. Behind the necktile in these photos is one idea I'm working on for a bound vase.

I love the way the string (just basic butcher's twine) becomes something completely different, when it's wrapped around the...beer bottle...in this instance; creates almost a faux-thrown look. I'm hoping to get a better bottle, next time...but, this is the basic idea.

For now, though, it's a happy accident that this makes a great texture to put behind a product! I love the way it looks behind the NeckTiles, especially and you'll see more of these wrapped shapes in some of my other photos, too.


Sample Packs...

The Scrappers Batch. I think that name is hysterical...but hey, that's what these are. Bits of yummy paper and pattern that are meant to be used in new ways.

Another way of making use of extra samples...I hate throwing printed paper away. Actually, I hate throwing most things away. Lately, figuring out how to re-use items in my studio has really been in the front of my mind.

It's mainly trimming that I have lots of extra pieces of...long strips of paper. But sometimes...I end up with sheets that were a little misprinted, or that just didn't get used up completely...and so, I've been saving them up, cutting them up, and creating little giveaways, goodies, and bundles like you see above.


Long Overdue...

I've always been a believer that if you open your mind to creativity, syncronicity will follow...meaning, that the world begins to read your mind, and show you things that you've been pondering...in a beautiful reality.

I've been meaning to to post these incredible images of artwork and illustration done by Francesca of Birdie, who was kind enough to send a link to these beautiful pieces created with her Dotty Dots.

A while ago, Francesca ordered some dotty dots...and this is what she came up with...her interpretation of the wonderful Parisian film The Red Balloon.

Anyway-- to return to my original point...Synchronicity. The Red Balloon is one of my favorite movies of all time. I used to sneak into the children's library screenings of it...as an adult! So...I found it very wonderful that somehow, somewhere, some way, those dots contained that for both Francesca and me.



Look at these messages I found hidden in the New York Times this morning! I know there's lots of buzz about the Craft Community article ...especially for Etsians. Cool.



Etsy Love

So...with most of my, I think all of my, packages, I include something extra. A little gift tag, a bookmark, a clip, a coupon. I like to try out different things, and this is how I use a lot of my scraps and trimmings-- to print up little goodies on.

A while ago, I included a little matchbooklet with a package...and then forgot all about it. Well, the buyer who received it emailed me and asked if that was an item I was going to carry in my shop.

Actually, it was...but, with all the xmas orders, I hadn't had time to make any up...although I had the template ready. So...without further ado, I went to work, making a batch for her. To be honest, they were a very pleasant surprise...I really loved the way they looked, so yummy, all those bright patterns stacked together. So...soon, they will be offered in the store.

Anyway, this is what I love about Etsy, and selling online in general. It's really fun to communicate with buyers. Making custom orders is not something I want to do a ton of...because then I'd never get to design more products! But, when it works out, it can be really great, and what they call in the corporate other-world...a win-win.



A couple of journals are featured on the front page of CUT + PASTE....the handmade consignment shop which, in my humble opinion, was one of the pioneers in craft, handmade, and diy retail. There are lots and lots of amazing gifts over at C+P, so make sure and head on over...Personally, I love the dress in this image. It would look really cute with colored tights and a pair of vintage booties.

In other news...orders are going out for the holidays! I've been very, very busy filling all of them, but I'm on top of it, and having a great time preparing and sending off packages. A couple of new products are in the works, so that's exciting...I can't wait to put them up. Response to the calendar has been really, really great...and I'm thrilled because a great deal of effort went into designing it. I'm thrilled to think that people are looking forward to seeing some of my work all year round. What a compliment.


Save The Date! New Clip Design

Unfortunately, she forgot all about her date with Ted, he had asked her on Monday if he could see her again on Thursday...but, when Thursday rolled around, well, she was so busy that Ted flew out of her mind and into the stratosphere. If she had had these clips, things *could* have been different.



There are lots of orders to fill....that's why no blog post lately...Above...Photographic proof that I have been a busy bee.
More soon...back to work!


It's a Mini!

Ok, soon, I will stop posting about the calendar...but I had to do one...more...because the calendar now comes in a mini size, so I wanted to let people know. It's about 1/2 the size, all other features are the same. Great to hang in a small space, or...separate the pages and hang up a few months at a time.

More on the way...I have some orders to fill, but then, design resumes! I hope you all are well, and enjoying the holidays, so far!