You Think?

Hmmm... I wonder if all the looking at maps to find my way around NYC better is having an effect on the patterns I'm working on. I just was playing around with this one...and I think it is!


Getting Closer!

I have been one busy bee. So...I'm working away on the real SJ website...here it is so far. I'm liking it a lot, but I'm still undecided on the background....which I want to be a photo of some sort, but blurry. It's really important to me that I somehow communicate that the designs are made in a real place, by a real person...and I think that photography is an important part of that. But, it's also important that I present the items in a clean and crisp way...so that people know that I am really committed to the brand, and to the experience.

In all my years as a designer, this was a fundamental part of building anyone's brand...to communicate in the way that they felt most comfortable with, and that best reached their audience. It's really exciting to be doing it for myself, now. There are no rules, and no standards...and I have to be careful not to be too much of a perfectionist! But, luckily, I tend to be a *little* impatient, so my rule is that I throw things out there when I think they are 'good enough' and then correct as I go...with what customers tell me, or with what I find out myself.

I feel like I've been out of touch for so long...My last entry was the 16th! Truth is, things have been hectic, and I'm just starting to come up for air. Orders have all made it out on time, though, and I'm hanging in! I hope all of you are doing well, and to those of you who I've had the pleasure of meeting via etsy or this blog, you will hear more from me soon!



In Bloom

Some exciting news today...literally...and I can't say too much because I haven't *seen* it yet..but somewhere, in the Washington Post, is a picture of SusyJack studio clips! So exciting. I'm going out to get the issue today...I can't wait to see it!

An update on the move to NYC...it's complete, so my address has changd from an 021 to an 100...oooh! I'll have more NY news into the fall. It's been interesting trying to manage all of this transition-- from starting a new company, to leaving one city for another, to starting work on a new set of designs while promoting the first collection...I'm looking forward to having a home-base to work from. It will make a big difference!



Here are a couple of new books, soon to be added to the store line-up. I am planning on offering some new colors, like a hot pink and a green, as well. So far, I have the orange and blue all made and ready to go. These are not that big...only 5.25" x 5.625...about the size of a cd case. I'm trying out new designs on smaller-scale books, to save materials, for now. Ones I think work especially well might get bigger!



I did manage to do a little doodling while away...I just brought these in to refine this morning....still working on it...but happy with the vibe of these little explorations, so far. I sort of think the hope idea might be better in blue...but yellow is just so pretty!


Skipping Town

I'll be away at fabulous Lake George with my family and my sweetie this weekend.... August 3 to August 7. Orders that were placed before today (Friday) will be shipped before I leave, today. All other orders will ship when I get back. I'll be able to re-stock the store, and also to email now and then, but I won't be able to make or send products!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend. I know I can't wait to jump into the water!

xo Susy


Studio Clips Demo

Not that I think people can't figure out how to do this themselves...but...I thought I would share these photos. The cord was made just by braiding string. I decided to make the original studio clips set for myself, because i was totally unenthused about getting a big, heavy bulletin board. This is much nicer, and, I think, helps me switch up what's hanging around much more frequently. And CHANGE IS GOOD!