Save The Date! New Clip Design

Unfortunately, she forgot all about her date with Ted, he had asked her on Monday if he could see her again on Thursday...but, when Thursday rolled around, well, she was so busy that Ted flew out of her mind and into the stratosphere. If she had had these clips, things *could* have been different.


Moda.Zen Blog said...

How cute are those! Oh my! I visited your etsy and was delighted with everything I saw! :)

Susy said...

Oh, thank you! I'm so glad you like them!! And, the rest of the items.

Actually, I have a set of these clips that I use to keep track of my orders...it's a simple system, but they work really well. : )

edessedesigns said...

Oh wow! why did I have to see these clips. Hi, my name is Erica and I'm addicted to your clips!

Susy said...

hey erica! that's fine with me! although, if you start wearing them or trying to eat them, we may need an intervention... : ) haha

Jane said...

hi, susy! are these the same size as the christmas clips? i think i may need these :)

Susy said...

Hey Jane!
Sorry, I didn't have comments enabled, so I just saw your post now.

Yep, these are the same as the xmas clips. I love them. I've been using my set...I always make a prototype before I put a product up. (I don't want anything falling apart on my beloved customers!!)

: )
I'm really glad you like your items, so far.