It's a Mini!

Ok, soon, I will stop posting about the calendar...but I had to do one...more...because the calendar now comes in a mini size, so I wanted to let people know. It's about 1/2 the size, all other features are the same. Great to hang in a small space, or...separate the pages and hang up a few months at a time.

More on the way...I have some orders to fill, but then, design resumes! I hope you all are well, and enjoying the holidays, so far!


Chickenicity said...

I just discovered your site and your work is beautiful! I see some purchasing in my future! Thanks for sharing!

Susy said...

Thank you so much for such a sweet comment! I'm sorry for the delay in commenting back...I have been so busy and my internet has been sloooow today!

I am so happy to hear you like the products. It always makes my day when I hear they are enjoyed!

Good luck with your blog...it seems you're close to starting it up!

Nicole said...

Just put my order in!!!