Neck and Neck

I ordered some things from various websites yesterday...some crafting supplies in the wearable category. I am SO excited to get them in the mail...but also completely freaked out that what I am planning to make will be a total flop, and only look good in my mind. Still. One must try. And all the medallion shapes I keep drawing need second residences...

For now, it's just me doodling in circles. Seeing where i can take things. I hope you are all having a great week so far. If you ordered from me recently, all of the items will ship out as of tomorrow-- and many shipped out today, so it should be about 3 day til arrival time.


Trunkt Show

I'm a new member on Trunkt! So...I thought I'd take a couple of minutes just to show off some of the great talent on that site....I made a showcase, which if you're curious, you can view HERE!. I've included some of my longtime faves (Lucie Summers) as well as some new finds.

I also have to say I'm really impressed with Trunkt's commitment to the site. Not only does admin respond really quickly to questions, but they are also really helpful in discussing how to make the most of your portfolio. I had a long train ride back down to Boston to visit my family and friends yesterday, and so, I made use of my time by following some of their advice on my portfolio...so, we will see where that leads.

In other news, I have orders from Little Otsu, as well as Rare Device, so all y'all in Bklyn or San Fran, go and check it out!


Read Your Fortune?

I love these new clips just added in the SusyJack* online shop. I had so, so much fun making them today, and I just love how they look, and the sparky feeling you get when you read the fortunes on them.

My favorite is "You Find Beauty in Ordinary Things. Do Not Lose This Ability."

It looks so right on a clothespin. The other one I really adore is "Be mischievious and you will not be lonesome."

So much fun. Brought about as I was creating These Merry and Bright Studio Clips which are for sale in my Etsy shop.


A Bit Greener...

So, yesterday via the very resourceful design blog design muse I came across ReNourish, a really delightful online toolkit for designers looking to produce more eco-friendly work.

Anyway, in light of some recent goings-on here at SusyJack* I wanted to share the resource! There's a great section on smart and sustainable paper choices and a whole bunch more stuff...green blogs, articles, sustainable living info. etc.

I've been working very hard to keep green in mind when designing SJ* products, without worrying that quality will suffer. SusyJack* notebooks are all printed on 100% PC paper, and as often as possible, packaging is pared down to reduce waste. That's one of the driving forces behind SusyJack*...if I was gonna go into the paper biz, I was gonna do it in a way I could live with. Anyway, all, enjoy your day, and I hope you check out ReNourish. xo!


Red White and Merry

Last week, I put a couple of other designs up on my flickr acct page for xmas card packs (4 cards to a set) I've been working on and will have up for sale beginning this week. I really had fun designing different cards that are more and less Christmas-y. I particularly like this one because it's more about the season, and the fun of the holidays than anything too particular. It's a great card to give to a coworker, or even as an invite to a party. Of course, it could go to anyone, but I like the fact it is so versatile.


Here We Go

Getting ready for the new year already...so...this illustration is not finished yet (haven't quite gotten to the 2 and the left zero...) but it's coming along. I started it last night while I was working on some xmas cards and just needed a little break.

Things are moving pretty fast. I have another photoshoot planned for this seasons' xmas items-- and of course, plan on adding new things to the shop all the while.

Sold the first Pencil Cup on etsy today, so that is indeed exciting. I am very happy about that. So, I hope this finds everyone well, and painting, drawing, crafting, knitting away this morning.


SusyJack.com is L-I-V-E!

I have finally achieved a long-time goal. The SusyJack*com website is complete and ready for business.
On the new site, expect to find all of the products from etsy, and soon, some products that will be exclusive. I really hope you enjoy the website. To celebrate, I'm offering a free set of my new blue scroll studio clips to everyone who purchases $10 or more worth of merchandise...so, just say you saw it here, and in PayPal checkout, enter the code blog101.