A couple of journals are featured on the front page of CUT + PASTE....the handmade consignment shop which, in my humble opinion, was one of the pioneers in craft, handmade, and diy retail. There are lots and lots of amazing gifts over at C+P, so make sure and head on over...Personally, I love the dress in this image. It would look really cute with colored tights and a pair of vintage booties.

In other news...orders are going out for the holidays! I've been very, very busy filling all of them, but I'm on top of it, and having a great time preparing and sending off packages. A couple of new products are in the works, so that's exciting...I can't wait to put them up. Response to the calendar has been really, really great...and I'm thrilled because a great deal of effort went into designing it. I'm thrilled to think that people are looking forward to seeing some of my work all year round. What a compliment.

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Jennifer Ramos said...

im loving that dress!!

Jen Ramos
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