Long Overdue...

I've always been a believer that if you open your mind to creativity, syncronicity will follow...meaning, that the world begins to read your mind, and show you things that you've been pondering...in a beautiful reality.

I've been meaning to to post these incredible images of artwork and illustration done by Francesca of Birdie, who was kind enough to send a link to these beautiful pieces created with her Dotty Dots.

A while ago, Francesca ordered some dotty dots...and this is what she came up with...her interpretation of the wonderful Parisian film The Red Balloon.

Anyway-- to return to my original point...Synchronicity. The Red Balloon is one of my favorite movies of all time. I used to sneak into the children's library screenings of it...as an adult! So...I found it very wonderful that somehow, somewhere, some way, those dots contained that for both Francesca and me.


Francesca said...

hey! thanks susy...and thanks to your dots too!

Susy said...

You're very welcome...the pleasure was all mine!
Thank you so much for letting me know how you used the dots. That was such a treat for me. : )

Claire said...

i LOVED the red balloon - they always showed at school when it was raining... i haven't seen for years. it was my first foreign film. it opened my young eyes to the realization words are not the only form of communicating... precious and priceless :o) blessings for 2008, dear susyjack xxx