Etsy Love

So...with most of my, I think all of my, packages, I include something extra. A little gift tag, a bookmark, a clip, a coupon. I like to try out different things, and this is how I use a lot of my scraps and trimmings-- to print up little goodies on.

A while ago, I included a little matchbooklet with a package...and then forgot all about it. Well, the buyer who received it emailed me and asked if that was an item I was going to carry in my shop.

Actually, it was...but, with all the xmas orders, I hadn't had time to make any up...although I had the template ready. So...without further ado, I went to work, making a batch for her. To be honest, they were a very pleasant surprise...I really loved the way they looked, so yummy, all those bright patterns stacked together. So...soon, they will be offered in the store.

Anyway, this is what I love about Etsy, and selling online in general. It's really fun to communicate with buyers. Making custom orders is not something I want to do a ton of...because then I'd never get to design more products! But, when it works out, it can be really great, and what they call in the corporate other-world...a win-win.

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