Touch of Gold

Working on collection for the fall...Here's a little taste. I like the black and gold combination, and the ornate-meets-basic vibe of this Turkish Journal. it will be interesting to see how the colors change, into a colder season! So far, this is the only little hint of thngs to come in my etsy shop. But, I cannot wait to add more. Lots of orders are going out today, so I have to run and complete them, plus start packing for my move to NYC (which happens on the 15th! Yaaay!) Enjoy your day, all!



Ok, it isn't a full-fledged e-commerce wonder of the world yet, but it is a lovely under construction page!
So....I guess I could say it's "official"...SusyJack.com is up and...well, running. Ok, walking...Ok, standing there looking cute.



Wooo! Wow! Whoa.

Hello Everyone.

Gotta say, when I started SusyJack, I really wasn't sure how it would be received...actually, for several months, I played around with patterns and designs...and I tried so HARD to make them look 'right'. I tried to make them look like other patterns I had seen looked....and yes, it was fun, but it was so exhausting. I felt like the work didn't come from me.

This week, I feel so blessed to have had feedback from individuals who took the time to be supportive of my work, and also to mention what they liked about it... and who would have thought, all the things that they liked are the things that I like!

It's amazing to feel affirmed. And I'm honored that people have begun to order the journals, and some of the other products to have for their own. I almost can't believe it....well, *almost*. I believe in the designs, too....and in their happy shapes, and I try to keep them simple so that people can find their own meaning in them. Now off to fill some orders. It's all so exciting.

Above is a recently listed item...with custom spine patterns. This journal is a little sturdier than the others-- it's pretty thick, with white paper instead of newsprint. We'll see!



So...I'm starting to think of display options for the newest addition...and I really like the tin can! I am thinking that it might be nice to add some sort of fun label, with a price/each so that retailers could order a can and a bunch of clips. That is definitely something to think about.

I've been working on a few new orders (very exciting!) and I haven't had much time to start any new designs...but hopefully today, that will happen.


Choose Your Own Adventure!

Soon, soon, I will begin doing business in a *slightly* different way, which centers more on 'pick your pattern' than 'here is the pattern'. I am hoping that this is more fun and flexible for buyers. Of course, designs will still be the same fun and fresh patterns they are now, but there will be more to choose from, and an element of DIY to the orders.

I have several ideas of what I would like to start applying patterns to, so I will probably get to work in the next few days making some of that happen. As I am finding my target audience, it's really interesting to be forming the business plan somewhat at the same time...I'm really enjoying it!

Above is just a little taste of one of the applications....clothespins.


Freeform Journals

Here's the first of a series of journals I'm working on with more improvisational covers...I really wanted to create something with light colors and thin line. So far, so good. It feels great to experiment.


Big Order

Well, I just wrapped up a big order for a store in Colorado....my first wholesale order, wooo! I hate to say goodbye to these journals....but I know they are on their way to a good home. I would love to keep them around so I could snap a few more pictures of the group of them!

Adios, little friends....have fun in the big bad world. haha


Going Dotty

Ok, so I have all these dots from making large-hole gift tags...
now what should I do with them?
Maybe I could practice taking more pictures. The patterns are so pretty that they inspire me to try and learn how to better use my camera!

In other news, I bought some clothespins today, so I hope to be able to try out applying some patterns to them. I would love to have some really cool studio clips to use around here.



I've been thinking that I might post some work that is more experimental on etsy, along with the products that are in the collection. Sort of a ones of a kind thing.... Above is a pattern sketch I was working on today. I love the way that the grain looks under the pattern, when you knock the shapes out of it.

Welcome to my Blog!

Here it is....the SusyJack blog. This is where I hope to post photos and musings about current projects and items that I have cooking in the studio. Up there is a photo of some new gift tags that I recently posted in my shop on Etsy. Coming later this week, if all goes as planned, is SusyJack.com, the official website and webstore. So, fingers crossed, there will be more news and more to share.