Scroll Pattern Clips

I've wanted to create some studio clips where the pattern really went with the shape of the clip, for a while now. Here's the first set. These are sold in a sets of 4. Perfect for hanging prints, illustrations...anywhere that 2 or more of a kind are needed. Personally, I love the clean, crisp combination of the white and blue. But...there are more colors on the way. A black and white, and a coral red.

Oh! and I almost forgot-- underneath appears a new product that I'm refining....recycled kraft wrapping paper in the grain pattern. I'm hoping to offer these either as a gift-wrap option, or as a product, on their own!



Desk Toppings

So...here's the first of one of my new Desk Toppings designs-- a pencil cup. More on the way, as soon as I figure out how I'd like to package this, it will go on up at my Etsy store! xo!


In The Pink

Bright Pink Twirl Notebook: Just added this morning. This design also comes in a yellow-orange and a bright blue. Normally, I don't wear alot of pink...and I don't decorate with pink...I'm just not a pink person. But, when it comes to drawing, painting and designing, I LOVE it. Strange! Perhaps it's because I wasn't allowed to have Barbies as a kid. I was pink-starved. haha.

Anyway, the image above also shows the type of packaging you can expect to receive your orders in. I love to package up items...I think it's because I used to play 'store' incessantly as a kid. Well, I guess looking back at this post, I'm still very much a kid! xo!


Photo Shoot Progress...

New item available on Etsy-- Just added today! It feels good to have things heating up again. Very exciting!

And coming soon, Weave Journals...here's a peek.

If anyone's curious...there will also be a new variety of Studio Clips available shortly. Enjoy, everyone! xo


New In The SJ Store

Here comes fall product #1. I got to finish some photos this morning-- when I had some sunshine. Wonderful! Anyway, below are images of some of the other items on the way! I'm uploading to etsy periodically-- since I like to space my listings out over time. I hope you enjoy! I really had fun with this collection. xo

And Coming Soon....


Fall Collection Almost Ready!

Working hard today to get things printed and prepared! But, they are on the way. Tomorrow, or latest, Friday...it's photography time. Included in the latest collection: 4 New Journal Designs in 3 colors each, and some new folding cards.

Can't wait. I wish I had 8 hands right now.


For Your Patience...

Well, unfortunately *just* as I was hitting my stride, I was called away from my worktable and my designing. While I was able to sketch and dream of things to come, I was sadly not able to do any work with my hands over the break. But...I am back, and trying to put all of the designs I've got completed into reality at the moment.

Also, I got to start in on some new items (xmas, anyone?) and fun stuff for the new year, which will be in development. Scheduled this week...photo-shoot of the fall collection, as well as some work on the almost complete SJ website. In the meantime, CutxPaste has put up some of my products, which I'm really happy about...there are also a bunch of other products worth checking out over there!

All for now...bisoux.