Handmade Styling Concepts...

It's funny how sometimes something you design for one purpose accidentally turns into another...

I've been experimenting with some new ideas, as far as products go, and I'm really excited about some of them, although they are not *quite* where I want them to be yet. I'm hoping to introduce a small selection of home decor items...different interpretations of everyday household wares with a clever handmade touch. Behind the necktile in these photos is one idea I'm working on for a bound vase.

I love the way the string (just basic butcher's twine) becomes something completely different, when it's wrapped around the...beer bottle...in this instance; creates almost a faux-thrown look. I'm hoping to get a better bottle, next time...but, this is the basic idea.

For now, though, it's a happy accident that this makes a great texture to put behind a product! I love the way it looks behind the NeckTiles, especially and you'll see more of these wrapped shapes in some of my other photos, too.


Jennifer Ramos said...

hey susie,
Love these pics and your little creation! Thank u for linking me up!

Jen Ramos
'Earth Friendly DESIGNER Cards'

Ali said...

Yeah, they are great. I have some baubles made from tatty old ones wrapped with string and I love them.

Have a great Christmas!

Freshly Found said...

The twine wrapped bottles are so pleasing - definitley have a lot of potential!

Susy said...

You're welcome Jen! oops, I added madebygirl twice...
: )

By the way, I finally did send in my info for a booth for the stationery show. And my hundred bucks. ugh. But, it's in the works...and I thank you for the inadvertent reminder!!