Sample Packs...

The Scrappers Batch. I think that name is hysterical...but hey, that's what these are. Bits of yummy paper and pattern that are meant to be used in new ways.

Another way of making use of extra samples...I hate throwing printed paper away. Actually, I hate throwing most things away. Lately, figuring out how to re-use items in my studio has really been in the front of my mind.

It's mainly trimming that I have lots of extra pieces of...long strips of paper. But sometimes...I end up with sheets that were a little misprinted, or that just didn't get used up completely...and so, I've been saving them up, cutting them up, and creating little giveaways, goodies, and bundles like you see above.


Jennifer Ramos said...

Hi Susy, Thanks for commenting on my blog, i've actually admired your work for awhile now : )
Hope to meet you at the show as well!! Will be posting my booth # after x'mas onto my site and blog... !
Also would love to have you add my link onto your blogroll...i will add yours now : )

Jen Ramos
'Earth Friendly DESIGNER Cards'

rebekah @ elizabeth anne designs said...

You're on the front page of Etsy! Under the new storque articles. So cool!

Susy said...

Rebekah-- thank you so much for letting me know! (They interviewed me a couple of days ago, but I had no idea the article would be about just me!) It's very exciting... and I do feel happy about it.

Susy said...

Definitely! ...I hope I make it there...I've never done a stationery show before...you have, I bet...I have no idea what to expect other than achy feet.

But...I'm *hoping* my plan works and I'll be there with bells on.

And definitely, I'll make sure and add madebygirl to my blogroll right now so that people can treat themselves to some of your sassy (and ecologically sound) cards! Thank you so much for your post. : )
I really appreciate it.