Hello friends and readers!

Well, if you have been following this blog, you might have gotten the inkling that I have been quite busy lately. There's been much updating to be done, both in the shops I run and also in the other blog I write, not to mention things going on that I've been eager to share. So, I'm consolidating!

My new, consolidated, bigger, better, blog is now up and running, and more can be found at:

hey susy.


Filing vs. Flying

Filing vs. Flying, originally uploaded by SUSY*.

Keeping a log of how much time I'm spending working on which things was my first really good idea in a while, as far as my business goes-- and one that I am happy to share the results of.

Actually, on the web lately-- in various fora and also, in the media in general...I've heard lots of chatter about how many profiles people have to have to keep up with things these days.

This rings true for me. I realized, much of my day is spent updating various websites...uploading to all my different homes on the web...and in general trying to update all of my images, banners, avatars...on all of the pages I use to promote my products.

ok, here's a little list
etsy. susyjack*
etsy. susyluxe*
blogger. susyjack*
typepad. spiralbound_
website. susyjack*
shop. susyjack* shop admin
photos. flickr
networking. indiepublic
networking. virb
networking. myspace
networking. facebook
shopcasting. kaboodle
shopcasting. thisnext
website. scd (susanconnordesign)

so...i'm gonna downsize. my admin and page maintenance is taking way too much time away from when i could be designing. i've been thinking about just *how* is best to do it, and i think i'm almost there. but, i want the solution to be something that preserves the ability for me to be current in my community, and as i do in spiralbound_, make sure i'm blogging about art and design i love... i certainly don't want my solution to be something that makes my content suffer. so. maybe not downsizing. just optimizing. integrating.

ok. that's it! more soon...


Very Virby

My new Virb Page

So...I did a little (traumatic) experiment yesterday with myspace and facebook. I have to say...those sites are hideous to look at! Ok, although facebook did have some redeeming qualities, MySpace gave me a migraine.

but...if you want to add me as a friend on facebook my profile lives here.

Anyway...I looked further into things and decided to go onto VIRB. What I really liked about it was that it was a bit easier to customize...with a little experimenting, I was able to get a page I liked up and running. Now, to make some friends.

The site is mainly for musicians, but, I'm seeing a bunch of designers and illustrators who are also representing themselves up there. So...not long now, I'm hoping the etsy community starts frequenting more often.

If you're curious, take a peek at my page. I set it up today, since it was raining and there was not much else doing.

all for now.



Under Wraps

susyluxe* packaging, originally uploaded by SUSY*.

I am having lots of fun trying to coalesce the jewelry and the paper into one solid look and feel...who knows where this will lead. But, I got a warm, fuzzy feeling when I uploaded this photo of the sl* packaging, yesterday. Obviously...try as I might, I can't escape the simple beauty of a well-curated selection of materials...twine, newsprint....ahh...their very presence on my desk makes me feel more connected.

I've been thinking about combining my blogs...into one single blog-- which hopefully can be better organized. Right now, things seem a bit fractured and this is probably due to the limitations of blogspot/blogger...

In other news, I continue to bid my paper jobs out for small-run production...and a wonderfully hopeful bit of news today...I think I've met a great, super eco friendly print shop in Brooklyn to help me finesse my job...so, that is truly exciting for me. Soon, I'll be able to give details on that, I hope.

Sigh... I'm keeping so much under wraps...and as I get closer to relaunching, it's really tough to feel that I'm not sharing...I feel very guilty and selfish. Still, knowing I'm going to come out on the other side and be able to show new (and hopefully groundbreaking) paper work is really keeping me going.

As SusyJack*s business grows, it's been pretty exciting for me to try and hang on to those tenets I had when I started...simple design...clear communication...and trying not to get too cute. Focusing on lively, invigorating colors and taking a fresh perspective on what paper can be. I'm hoping I don't disappoint in the coming days.

Also...I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll soon be doing some creative work for Korn Design the incredible Boston and NYC studio that gave me my start in the design world...and what a start it was. So...things keep bubbling away.

xx Susy


gimme sunny days

susyluxe* livia earrings, originally uploaded by SUSY*.

sunshine daydream...today is such a beautiful day in NYC I figured it was a good time to make some yellow earrings.

these livia earrings are new, and inspired by a walk home from the shops on 42nd street in the sun...pardon the dust on the vase. as you can see, housekeeping is not my forté! xx susy