Valla Earrings

valla_earring3, originally uploaded by susyjack.

Filling up the susyluxe* shop bit by itty bitty bit. Anyway...it's fun, and taking my mind off of all the stuff I've got to do to keep up with SusyJack*... it's always nice to have a diversion.

There's a very light, pretty snow falling here in NYC at the moment. It's just so beautiful. I am back in the studio after a little time away, and it feels pretty good. I'm catching up on orders, and most of them will be going out tomorrow.

I know I've said this before, but I really love my postal scale.
It's right up there with my stapler, my holepunch, and my ruler. I can't live without it. I'd definitely recommend getting one for anyone who would like to speed up their shipping. Combined with PayPal's multiorder shipping, it makes neat work of preparing packages.

Plus...it's somehow REALLY satisfying to see all the little packages...with their little official-looking barcodes...ready to go.

More paper goods on the way...I'm not going to reveal them til they are ready, though. mmm....secrets!


adele said...

Very pretty and great product shot. :)

Susy said...

thank you!
i was going to take a few more of some other designs, today...but i got lost in paperland! : )

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Um, Gorgeous!! And they are already sold out in your shop! Harumpf! Congratulations Susy! I don't know how you do it!