so excited

ROPE, originally uploaded by susyjack.

Nothing makes me happier than a wonderful day in my studio...when something seems to be going right, and the I make a little 'breakthrough'. Usually, this is sort of how it works...I work really really hard to push through all of the other items I've seen and accumulated in my mind, to try and put down what I *really* want to design.

I feel like I really got back there, today. I've got a few motifs that I'm really excited about...they feel new to me, but also like they are very much in the style I've been trying to develop. I can't wait to work a bit more on them, but for now...it's off to the post office.

It's freezing here today, so I hope I make it back here without frostbite.
xx susy

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Melissa de la Fuente said...

ooohhh...I love that pattern. Congratulations Susy!