In the Meantime...

Wall Art Panels, originally uploaded by susyjack.

Hello! There is much brewing this week...and I have been very busy. But, unfortunately, I am away, visiting family and not in my workroom in NYC. I'll be back in action on Saturday. Still, I have managed to get at least a little bit done, like researching what I would like to do for my stationery booth, emailing a few old friends (who I hope are still speaking to me since it's been WAY too long)... figuring out what to get two wonderful old friends for their brand new, beautiful babies...if anyone has good recommendations, let me know. Something for a new boy, and a new girl...and hopefully handmade. : )

Also, I'm really excited to start in and use some of the newest pattern designs. I'm really liking where they are going. When I get back to NY, I'll be busting out the camera, and taking lots of pics of the newest items...so, I'm excited for that! More soon...And many other things...one nice surprise which hopefully I will post about here, soon!

xx Susy

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Emele said...

I have nursery decor wall decor on my website which are handmade... how about a sailing boat for a boy and a butterfly for a girl?! http://www.emelegifts.com/wall_hangings.htm