A Busy, Snowy Day

Upcycled Pencil or Pen Cup, originally uploaded by susyjack.

A beautiful day today...snowing almost since 11:00, which I love, but rarely see here in NYC.

Today went by really quickly as I tried to shoot some new photos of new work...really have to get more organized about that...I tend to shoot whenever I make something, rather than saving items up and shooting, say, one day a week. It tends to take up a lot of time because my photo set up is...ahem...less than professional (think: diningroom table all overloaded with stuff that I'm trying to turn into props.)

One thing I'd love to do in the very near future is accumulate some really good prop ideas...I would love to build some boards using different textures, and really get into it. Wood, rope, fabric...I should be making a little list of all the ideas. Although I love my colored paper, I need some new life, especially because I'm designing for spring/summer now.

Tomorrow, I'm going to let my mind relax...I have a field trip planned to the bead store so I can create some more earrings...I'm loving having susyluxe* as my second shop...already, I can see how doing a little jewelry design is influencing my pattern design.

Ok. Hopefully my big surprised comes in the mail today...so excited. Fingers crossed, I'll have a new tool to blog about tomorrow.

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Adele said...

We got a load of snow yesterday. Like you, I love it. Especially more so now that I'm working from home today.

Glad the new store is reinspiring you. Its always good to have a few things to throw ourselves into. We can get very shilo-ed if not.

I'm stalking the mainman myself. Have new fabric on the way.