{Wall Tiles} Four Letter Words

Letter Wall Tiles, originally uploaded by susyjack.

I'm really enjoying applying the patterns and shapes to the new Wall Art format. As a former painter *and* graphic designer, it really brings me back to be able to see things I'm making actually hanging up...I don't know...guess it's a sentimental thing.

So...I'm experimenting with a few ideas for custom combinations of tiles, and I'm loving the idea of letters...I can see doing a great combination for a name, a phrase...even a wall with a poem on it. This is the first sketch for the idea, and I'll be working on more.

In other news...I have begun to post some of my jewelry in a separate shop on Etsy. This is sort of an experiment...I'm not sure whether susyluxe* will work best in it's own store or under the SusyJack* store...but, we'll see. I'm trying it out. In other selling venues, like Supermarket I will be combining the items in a single shop. My focus is still on paper goods, but anyone who reads my other blog spiralbound_ knows...I have a really, really huge penchant for jewelry....sigh. Probably because I can't afford clothes, I have to supplement with accessories!!!

...or, maybe it's because I used to work in a bead store....


Leah said...

those tiles are beautiful. great idea!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Susy! Does your talent ever end? I LOVE the tiles and the jewelry! Oh, it IS going to work, they are gorgeous!

design for mankind. said...

These are SO lovely!!! :)