Hearts, Chocolate and Cupids, ohhh my.

Ursula , originally uploaded by susyjack.

Yesterday, despite the rain, I managed to get out to the stores on 42nd which sell craft supplies and fabric...so, that was fruitful.

When I got home, I took shots of these ursula earrings which I'm really excited to add to the susyluxe* shop which I hope to stock full of yummy jewelry in the next couple of weeks. There are several designs I've been working on...but I'm also designing the backer cards, and that takes a little time. I'm such a sucker for fun packaging. To me, it's part of the joy of making things.

So...tonight Kurt and I go to see Rufus Wainwright at Radio City for V-Day. I have heard he puts on a great show, so I'm really excited.

In other news...an etsy friend of mine who makes great, screenprinted shirts which are eco-friendly and was also the videographer at etsy for some time, has launched a new blog called Screening Demons which is about all things silkscreen. She interviews talented artists and also waxes poetic on her love of silkscreen printing. Definitely worth a visit! Congratulations, Shan!

Anyway-- I hope everybody has had a happy Valentine's day so far...full of kisses, chocolate, and whatever and whoever it is you love.

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racergirl1313 said...

These are beautiful!