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Hello, everybody... Quite an interesting frame of mind I am in, lately... I haven't been as active online as I usually am, and that is because I am working very hard to bring SusyJack* to the next stage.

All along, sharing my work as it happens has been a really wonderful thing for me. I make something, then, put it up for the world to see...but now, I find myself preparing work that I'm not sharing, and it's strange. I have to admit, it's because I really don't want to reveal what I am bringing to market...or how I am going about developing SusyJack*s identity as a newcomer to the paper world. This is really strange for me, because I am usually so transparent about working. But, I'm finding that business, rather than art, requires a little bit of a different mindset than I am used to.

Of course, there is plenty to come-- but, seeing as there's a big show and launch coming up for me, I'm keeping it under wraps. There will be several designs released before May, but, the majority I think I'll have to keep a secret!

My landscape is shifting a bit, so I'm doing my best to accomodate both selling on etsy and through my own site, as well as working more closely with retailers. They are two different animals, requiring different skills from me. So, switching between those 'gears' is not as smooth as I would like it to be at the moment, but I'm working on it.

Hopefully, in a few weeks, I will have made a good transition.

Anyway, I hope this finds everybody well. Interesting times are ahead.
xx Susy


Creating Cupcakes said...

Nice blog!

adele said...

Hi Suzy,

I think you’re making the right decision in keeping more private about your work until it goes to market. At the end of the day, this is your business. While its great to see ‘work in progress’, I think your readers & customers will totally understand your decision. Plus, this of the excitement of eventually doing the big reveal for all involved! That said, I do think you will be able to maintain transparency throughout this. That will come from your heart not your visuals.

Good luck with your transition. You seem to have a lot going on, so breathe, take it in your stride and enjoy this exciting time.


Susy said...

Thank you!

Adele, thank you so much for your kind, understanding and heartening words. Yes...the 'big reveal' is something I am totally new to...I'm such a spaz, it's hard to keep things under wraps for long.

...there will be a few new things coming up...but, I'll be saving lots of the newest stuff for May!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for success with your newer endeavors; I've been so impressed with watching how you keep so many balls in the air already between design and creation, selling your stuff and handling so many blogs.

Will look forward to staying tuned in to what's next for you and am sure you will have loads of support, no matter how much you wish to share at this point!

Jess said...

Gorgeous photo. Your patterns and prints are so lovely! I completely admire your work, and have thought about the public/private question a lot, too. I think you should feel good about your decision.