So Stylin'

cup o sweetness
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I've shot a bunch of images for an article I'm writing on how to style your photography...sort of a beginner's lesson. It can be hard work, but a lot of fun once you start working on it.

I'll keep updating on that!

In other news...this shot also shows a new card design...it's part of a pretty little set...included are...you're sweet. my treat. call me. many thanks. soon to be posted on etsy. great for scrapbooking, or just to leave as a little token.


mrs. jones said...

where will your article on styling be found? i am excited to read it. you do beautiful work.

Susy said...

OlÄ Mrs Jones!
the article will be in Etsy's storque...I'll definitely post a link here, when it's up! but, I'm also going to start a little digest of articles here on the SusyJack* blog. I love art directing and designing, so I'd like to be able to help other people entering the handmade community learn some of the tricks I've learned this year, while getting started!

Thank you so much for reading my blog...and for your compliments! : )

Susy said...

Hey mrs jones...
just wanted to let you know that the article is up! You can find it here: http://www.etsy.com/storque/section/howTos/article/give-props-how-to-style-your-photos/1079/

I hope you enjoy it!

xx susy