Etiquitte Cartlettes

Etiquitte Cartlettes
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These are freshly designed. One of the things I'm going to do in January is stock up theEtsy store with little treats like the ones you see above. They're really fun to make, and I like the idea of offering some items that can be used in multiple ways, like scrapbooking, gift-wrapping etc. The Scrapper's Batch has been really popular, and personally, I love to think of items I make being used by other creatives! So...that's to come!

These cards have a needlepoint-inspired design that accents the border...like little cross-stitches, which I'm getting really into lately.

In other news...I love my little postal scale!! It fills me with an odd, nerdly joy when I see my officially labeled and bar-coded packages ready to go. And, I like being able to know they've been delivered.

ok. that's it. off to try and go to the gym. wish me luck. xx

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