Hey Val

I had to design a Valentine's Card! I just had to. And it got me thinking that, y'know...we're all really lucky that 'love' is a short word. It is just a beautiful word, in print, and in definition.

So...details: this card comes in a set of 4...and yes, those corners are round!

In other news, I'm going to be filling a wholesale order at openhouse. If you haven't been there, go right now! Katie and Megan stock some really wonderful contemporary items...and I am proud to say, I'll be their first in the paper category!...So, I'm really thrilled about that.

Also, I received my contract for the NY Stationery show on Friday and held it in my hot little (shaky) hands today. Yes, I'll be attending. First, I went on etsy to see if anyone had advice, and the forums came through for me...now, although I am still pretty anxious about it, I don't feel like doing the show is a ridiculous move. I'm pretty excited, actually!

That's all for now...more soon! xx


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Hi Susy,
Not a ridiculous move at all! That is awesome, congratulations!

sooziebee said...

WOW, 1st visit to your blog and LOVING your work

Susy said...

thank you so much! ...sooziebee. cool! you're a susie too, or a suzanne?

i've been SO busy, i'm sorry for the late response to your comments! i have a couple of wholesale orders that are keeping my hands from my keyboard. : )