Read Your Fortune?

I love these new clips just added in the SusyJack* online shop. I had so, so much fun making them today, and I just love how they look, and the sparky feeling you get when you read the fortunes on them.

My favorite is "You Find Beauty in Ordinary Things. Do Not Lose This Ability."

It looks so right on a clothespin. The other one I really adore is "Be mischievious and you will not be lonesome."

So much fun. Brought about as I was creating These Merry and Bright Studio Clips which are for sale in my Etsy shop.


Freshly Found said...

What a lovely way to recive a dose of Encouragement!

treasuring said...

These are great! I've been admiring your work for quite some time now, and was happy to see a comment on my tables in my trunkt portfolio this morning!

congrats on the website and everything. It looks stunning.

Susy said...

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback! I definitely feel good to have the site done...now....to maintain....sigh. A paper addict's work is never done.

Jane said...

love the clips (bought the merry and bright, and am coveting the fortune ones). quick question - what kind of paper did you use to wrap at the bottom? looks like newsprint, but i'm still curious. it's a great look - simple.


Francesca said...

i'm so in love with these clips and all your holiday stuff actually...gorgeous. i started to use some of my dotty dots by the way. take a peek at my blog :)