A Bit Greener...

So, yesterday via the very resourceful design blog design muse I came across ReNourish, a really delightful online toolkit for designers looking to produce more eco-friendly work.

Anyway, in light of some recent goings-on here at SusyJack* I wanted to share the resource! There's a great section on smart and sustainable paper choices and a whole bunch more stuff...green blogs, articles, sustainable living info. etc.

I've been working very hard to keep green in mind when designing SJ* products, without worrying that quality will suffer. SusyJack* notebooks are all printed on 100% PC paper, and as often as possible, packaging is pared down to reduce waste. That's one of the driving forces behind SusyJack*...if I was gonna go into the paper biz, I was gonna do it in a way I could live with. Anyway, all, enjoy your day, and I hope you check out ReNourish. xo!

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