Trunkt Show

I'm a new member on Trunkt! So...I thought I'd take a couple of minutes just to show off some of the great talent on that site....I made a showcase, which if you're curious, you can view HERE!. I've included some of my longtime faves (Lucie Summers) as well as some new finds.

I also have to say I'm really impressed with Trunkt's commitment to the site. Not only does admin respond really quickly to questions, but they are also really helpful in discussing how to make the most of your portfolio. I had a long train ride back down to Boston to visit my family and friends yesterday, and so, I made use of my time by following some of their advice on my portfolio...so, we will see where that leads.

In other news, I have orders from Little Otsu, as well as Rare Device, so all y'all in Bklyn or San Fran, go and check it out!

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