For Your Patience...

Well, unfortunately *just* as I was hitting my stride, I was called away from my worktable and my designing. While I was able to sketch and dream of things to come, I was sadly not able to do any work with my hands over the break. But...I am back, and trying to put all of the designs I've got completed into reality at the moment.

Also, I got to start in on some new items (xmas, anyone?) and fun stuff for the new year, which will be in development. Scheduled this week...photo-shoot of the fall collection, as well as some work on the almost complete SJ website. In the meantime, CutxPaste has put up some of my products, which I'm really happy about...there are also a bunch of other products worth checking out over there!

All for now...bisoux.

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lusummers said...

hello stranger, good break i hope! :) missed our gargantuan emails...oh poo...christmas, shmistmas.