In The Pink

Bright Pink Twirl Notebook: Just added this morning. This design also comes in a yellow-orange and a bright blue. Normally, I don't wear alot of pink...and I don't decorate with pink...I'm just not a pink person. But, when it comes to drawing, painting and designing, I LOVE it. Strange! Perhaps it's because I wasn't allowed to have Barbies as a kid. I was pink-starved. haha.

Anyway, the image above also shows the type of packaging you can expect to receive your orders in. I love to package up items...I think it's because I used to play 'store' incessantly as a kid. Well, I guess looking back at this post, I'm still very much a kid! xo!

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mikodesign said...

I'm not a pink girl either, but sometimes I just can't resist using it, by the way with your design it looks great.