Scroll Pattern Clips

I've wanted to create some studio clips where the pattern really went with the shape of the clip, for a while now. Here's the first set. These are sold in a sets of 4. Perfect for hanging prints, illustrations...anywhere that 2 or more of a kind are needed. Personally, I love the clean, crisp combination of the white and blue. But...there are more colors on the way. A black and white, and a coral red.

Oh! and I almost forgot-- underneath appears a new product that I'm refining....recycled kraft wrapping paper in the grain pattern. I'm hoping to offer these either as a gift-wrap option, or as a product, on their own!



lusummers said...

i love blue and white too, yum!
as for the wrapping paper idea...love it! how are you printing it? are they really large sheets?

mikodesign said...

looks good, I saw that you will also be in the poppy handmade market, I hope it will be a big hit! Do you also sell paper sheets with your designs?

Freshly Found said...

You create beautiful things. The designer pegs are lovely! Wht a good idea.

Susy said...

39susyThank you!

Miko...I will definitely sell paper. I don't have it up at the moment, but I can definitely do it. ...It's definitely a goal of mine to do full wrapping sheets in the future...I hope, in early 08!