Ok, it isn't a full-fledged e-commerce wonder of the world yet, but it is a lovely under construction page!
So....I guess I could say it's "official"...SusyJack.com is up and...well, running. Ok, walking...Ok, standing there looking cute.


lusummers said...

hello susy, i followed a link on etsy to your blog, i was immediately attacted by your lovely fresh patterns. it's exciting to find this, a fledgling business making such beautiful products, i feel thrilled to have stumbled on to your beginnings! do you mind if i post about you on my blog? i'd love to use a flickr image if you wouldn't mind? i'm a new blogger myself, and while i usually post about my own work, sometimes i get really excited about someone else's!
anyway good luck, i'm adding you to my bookmarks and will be checking in regularly. take care, lucie :)

Susy said...

Post away! I love your work, too...
Thank you so much for your compliments! They mean so much, it's hard to express. For a long time, I have wanted to put a product into the world...and I have always had a love for simple, expressive, abstract form. It's wonderful that altho my work is abstract, mainly, people can still feel it. It's very heartening!

thank you so much, again!