Wooo! Wow! Whoa.

Hello Everyone.

Gotta say, when I started SusyJack, I really wasn't sure how it would be received...actually, for several months, I played around with patterns and designs...and I tried so HARD to make them look 'right'. I tried to make them look like other patterns I had seen looked....and yes, it was fun, but it was so exhausting. I felt like the work didn't come from me.

This week, I feel so blessed to have had feedback from individuals who took the time to be supportive of my work, and also to mention what they liked about it... and who would have thought, all the things that they liked are the things that I like!

It's amazing to feel affirmed. And I'm honored that people have begun to order the journals, and some of the other products to have for their own. I almost can't believe it....well, *almost*. I believe in the designs, too....and in their happy shapes, and I try to keep them simple so that people can find their own meaning in them. Now off to fill some orders. It's all so exciting.

Above is a recently listed item...with custom spine patterns. This journal is a little sturdier than the others-- it's pretty thick, with white paper instead of newsprint. We'll see!


mikodesign said...

I totally understand what you are talking about, I just openend my etsy two weeks ago, it's great having people from around the world giving support to your ideas. I love your fresh designs,keep on the great patterns. good luck

Susy said...

Thank you mikodesign!

...it is...I am planning on writing esty a card to let them know. I didn't think it would make a big difference, whether I did etsy or my own shop...but is really has. It is such good luck for me that I joined etsy....the people are fantastic, and I have really been enjoying it!

ps. I LOVE those cotton banners! Beautiful... what a great idea!

Qiana said...

Hi Susy!

Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I am so excited for all the recognition you are getting (every blog I read you are on there :-) ..) and how many Etsy sales you have had so quickly. That is fantastic! I can also relate to what you were saying about looking at other peoples things, it's great that you have found your style, and I will say I love it! It is fun and cheery and fresh! So congrats! And I hope you continue to get your designs out there!

Susy said...

I know..it's very, very weird. I am not quite sure how that happened! I honestly did not contact any of those blogs! But...I have spent the past 12 years of my life getting...

a BFA in Painting
a Degree in Graphic Design
getting fired
working retail
waiting tables
being a creative director
trying to balance art and life

....and the list goes on.
So, I think maybe, I'm just in a really good celestial space right now, or something! ...also, I am not working full-time at the mo so I can spend time on SJ...

Thank you so much! and You are welcome.