Touch of Gold

Working on collection for the fall...Here's a little taste. I like the black and gold combination, and the ornate-meets-basic vibe of this Turkish Journal. it will be interesting to see how the colors change, into a colder season! So far, this is the only little hint of thngs to come in my etsy shop. But, I cannot wait to add more. Lots of orders are going out today, so I have to run and complete them, plus start packing for my move to NYC (which happens on the 15th! Yaaay!) Enjoy your day, all!


Ana Romero Monteiro said...

Hi! I just found you at decor8 and I love your work! I design patterns too and I'm also trying to create a range of products! The thing I like the most about your work is the sense of unity of all the patterns. Good luck for your business!

Susy said...

Thank you so much, ana! I really appreciate the feedback. I do try and give the patterns a unified feel...but also, I have a background as a painter, so I think much of the style comes from that!

Francesca said...

it's so great how quickly your shop has taken off, isn't it wonderful how your life can just turn around like that, you take a different road and voila!

Susy said...

ahhh. i wish!
I know I'll probably slow down after all of the blog posts that miraculously showed up last week! And, part of me is thinking...what next? I know I want to keep the publicity, and the energy going, because this has just been a dream of mine for so long...and the opportunity seems so....right!

I have to start working VERY diligently now to keep getting publicity...that is going to be totally new for me!

It's scary, but it is time!
And yes, a different road...it is hard to believe...but I feel very lucky.

The Sterks said...

So cute, Susy! I can't wait for mine! I'm certain you will continue to wow us all with all that is to come ;) --Jen

Susy said...

Hey Jen!
It's on it's way...I just emailed you thru etsy!
...there's a little gift in there, too!
Yes...I love these journals. Maybe I'm just ready for fall! But, I love the gold...and the size. They are really perfect handheld list-notebooks. I'm a list-maker too...big time.


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

This is really sweet little notebook!

Susy said...

Thank You Maryam...that certainly comes from someone who knows what she likes! You have such a beautiful blog. I'm so happy you like these notebooks. I don't know truly where the design came from, but when I saw them on the orange background...I thought....hm...definitely somewhere East of here.

: )