Very Virby

My new Virb Page

So...I did a little (traumatic) experiment yesterday with myspace and facebook. I have to say...those sites are hideous to look at! Ok, although facebook did have some redeeming qualities, MySpace gave me a migraine.

but...if you want to add me as a friend on facebook my profile lives here.

Anyway...I looked further into things and decided to go onto VIRB. What I really liked about it was that it was a bit easier to customize...with a little experimenting, I was able to get a page I liked up and running. Now, to make some friends.

The site is mainly for musicians, but, I'm seeing a bunch of designers and illustrators who are also representing themselves up there. So...not long now, I'm hoping the etsy community starts frequenting more often.

If you're curious, take a peek at my page. I set it up today, since it was raining and there was not much else doing.

all for now.



Julie said...

MySpace always frustrated me. I'm a Facebook girl myself! And I had signed us (perfectbound) up for an account at VIRB and totally forgot about it! Thanks for reminding me.

Oh and I included one of your items in my post today :)

Francesca said...

susy, if i don't do any work today i am blaming you for introducing virb to me...as if i need another blog/networking thingamyjig to peruse every day! i am hovering over the 'sign up' button as we speak!