Filing vs. Flying

Filing vs. Flying, originally uploaded by SUSY*.

Keeping a log of how much time I'm spending working on which things was my first really good idea in a while, as far as my business goes-- and one that I am happy to share the results of.

Actually, on the web lately-- in various fora and also, in the media in general...I've heard lots of chatter about how many profiles people have to have to keep up with things these days.

This rings true for me. I realized, much of my day is spent updating various websites...uploading to all my different homes on the web...and in general trying to update all of my images, banners, avatars...on all of the pages I use to promote my products.

ok, here's a little list
etsy. susyjack*
etsy. susyluxe*
blogger. susyjack*
typepad. spiralbound_
website. susyjack*
shop. susyjack* shop admin
photos. flickr
networking. indiepublic
networking. virb
networking. myspace
networking. facebook
shopcasting. kaboodle
shopcasting. thisnext
website. scd (susanconnordesign)

so...i'm gonna downsize. my admin and page maintenance is taking way too much time away from when i could be designing. i've been thinking about just *how* is best to do it, and i think i'm almost there. but, i want the solution to be something that preserves the ability for me to be current in my community, and as i do in spiralbound_, make sure i'm blogging about art and design i love... i certainly don't want my solution to be something that makes my content suffer. so. maybe not downsizing. just optimizing. integrating.

ok. that's it! more soon...


Waterrose said...

Good luck...I'll be back to see what you decide to do!

painted fish studio said...

whew. i got winded just reading the list. scale down - your work is gorgeous and speaks for itself. figure out where you're getting the most visibility and focus there?

avie said...

Suzy, I was reading Entrepreneur magazine the other day and there are two women featured in it that have developed some sort of software that is just for this problem. It somehow streamlines your ability to update your e-profiles on all your various websites. I know very little about it, but you might want to check it out.