SusyJack* Featured in Venus

SusyJack* Featured in Venus, originally uploaded by susyjack.


I'm really happy to announce that the wonderful independent culture magazineVenusZine has run a feature article about SusyJack* in their DIY section! This is pretty great. A couple of weeks ago, I spoke with Amy Strauss, one of their writers, about the company and the past and ongoing inspirations for the designs and the products.

I'm really thrilled with the content of the article. Amy did a great job at picking through all of the details to create a story which really describes the work and what I try to do.

And...I'm not the only one featured on Venus. There are loads of other articles about women, the arts, culture, music, and the indie lifestyle which are worth exploring. I hope you'll head on over to take a peek, and let me know whatcha think.

xx susy


Christine said...

Congrats! Good article, and so exciting to be featured in Venus!

Lore & Ipsum said...

That article is excellent! I like how it plays tribute to the simplicity/complexity dynamic. Go, Susy! You're an inspiration!