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I haven't really been too active online lately...but, I've been very active in reality. Working on new designs, coordinating production of some of the items which will be launched at the show, and revamping the website to be more true to my vision of what SusyJack* is all about. It's exciting...and hopefully soon I will be able to share it.

So...many people have expressed curiosity about my workspace, and to tell the truth, I am...rather....reticent to reveal the squalor which I call a studio. I know that 'great ways to perfect your office' and 'cute workspaces' are all the rage right now...and there are some beautiful ideas flying about the blogosphere...but let's be honest....I can't get anything done without making a mess....so, perfection is just not practical for me.

Give me space, paper, ink, and I'll make something happen. Pretty organizers and sensible shelving are something I can't even aspire to. Still, all I need to do is look out the window to remember, I've got the best office in the world, the lady New York.

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