Make it Bigger.

big clip in grain, originally uploaded by susyjack.

New clips will be added to the store today. There are also some other new, upcoming products, and updates to current product designs, that are viewable on my flickr page.

Anyhow...I'm loving these, they are really fun to make, and great to use, too. These jumbo clips not only satisfy my love of pattern, but they also feed my unstoppable lust for office supplies. Yes, that's what I said. Unstoppable Lust.

Anyone who knows me knows that I will walk into Staples or similar stores and spend at least an hour wandering the aisles like a crazycake. Slowly, slowly...mentally cataloging the entire inventory. Classic, functional items like these always pop out...in a few weeks, I wake up at 3 AM knowing what I want to use them for.

Sometimes, I trace my love of office supplies back to my childhood...my dad was an engineer, and you should have seen some of the incredible office thingys he would bring home...I could not believe that such cool items were so readily available.

Lucky for me, they still are.


lusummers said...

holy shit lady, could we be any mre similar? sam won't come into staples with me anymore...i wander aimlessly, with a franically beating heart, worried i might miss something. i even get slightly blurred vision and sweaty palms. oh god.

lusummers said...

mre = more

Betsey said...

yay! i love your work and always happy to find others with the same office supply lust going on ;) we should start a special club!!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

I love these! They are awesome...ah yes, office supply lust....my husband knows it well! These would also be cute to hang up the copious amounts of etsy prints I have!