In Bloom

As I begin the great schlep forward into designing the new collection, I am also making sure to add a few new products into the line that can be updated with new patterns as they emerge. Here is one of them, just added on Etsy...and there will be more to come, because the idea is to mix and match!

The deluxe calendar and the mini-calendar were really successful for me (which I am glad of, because they were pretty demanding to make...as some of you readers may remember!) And one of the things I found about the calendar was that customers were really enthusiastic about being able to hang up the pieces. I had many questions from various customers about prints, and their availablity, so I decided to move forward with the wall panels I'd been exploring.

These wall panels are really fun to make, and I love their simplicity. Personally, I think they are a great way to introduce art into a space without making an intense declaration...for me, these walk the line between decoration and art in a really nice way. I wanted them to be something one could buy for themselves, or give as a gift, and I think that's been achieved.

As a longtime abstract artist, one of the things I try to do with my designs is make the shapes I make really accessible...so that each viewer can find their own meaning within them. The goal for me is to introduce a feeling...hopefully a positive one...in the most simple, uncomplicated way that I can. I sort of think of the designs I create as meditations. I think that really shows through, and I'm pretty proud of that!

Anyway, I'm sorry to make this post a shameless self-critique, but I guess I'm feeling introspective today!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Gorgeous Susy! I love them!

Susy said...

good...because you'll be getting one soon! (Sorry, i totally ruined your surprise!!) : )

Melissa de la Fuente said...

No way! Oh man! I am so excited! I was just trying to figure out how I could finagle one for Vday from my hubby! That is the best surprise ever, even though it is no longer a surprise! Thank you so much!!

Hello Prints said...

Your stuff looks awesome! I am constantly impressed by your love for abstract beauty. Don't you worry, I haven't had a chance yet, but will be shopping very soon in your store. Keep up the great inspiring work!!!
Missing Ya

Leah said...


tootsiegrace said...

I think your work is just gorgeous, Susy! I am so impressed with your shop!