Discount Codes, Sample Sales, and the Future.

*ok, here's an update...I messed up the new site this morning, but It's back up, now. oops!*

Hello all...

Well, as you can probably see (at least, I hope you can see)...things have been in upheaval here in SusyJack* webland. Anyway, the blog header is the *least* of the changes...there are others, as well...Good ones! Promise!

Anyway, here's the background...as some of you might know, I had designed, coded and updated the SJ* website all on my own and it was quite a task...taking me away from designing, promoting, and otherwise nurturing the growth of my company...primarily, it was really hard to add new items to my own site.

What ended up happening was that I would add new items to my Etsy store, but my own web presence (independent of Etsy) was languishing...and it was becoming *really* hard to keep up with updating.

I love Etsy...and Etsy is the place where I have met so many friends and contacts, and I so value it for the community aspect. However, as a growing business, it just wasn't meeting certain needs. For example, the ability to arrange my items, the ability to offer discount codes, or the ability to customize the page.

Enter BigCartel. I was on trunkt and complaining in the forums about the fact that I couldn't order my Etsy store, and therefore, people arriving from trunkt were having a heck of a time actually *finding* the items they were looking for among my products. Trunkt recommended I try Supermarket(an awesome curated site where I'm already selling)..or BigCartel (which I'd never heard of). Well, thankfully, I'm a curious sort, so I went to BigCartel. I'm so glad I did.

This is the bridge I've been looking for...an easy format that I can link to my own site, and easily update with product, saving me time that would have been spent coding all the item detail pages and pricing info on the previous version of the SusyJack* site.

So...onward and upwards. It's a little bit of a different experience to enter the shopping area of my site, now...but it is BETTER. Soon, I will fully integrate my new boutique with my site...so, you won't see the /bigcartel.com in the address.

Now, I can offer discount codes, have categories, product search, sizing or color options, organize my products, track sales, and get stats for page views and referrers...not to mention have a groovy sample sale! And, the price is more than manageable.

Ok, that's it, my buttercups. As you can tell, I am really excited and happy, and although I am still adding product so there are not many in there at the moment, but, I hope you will all stop in and take a peek, and let me know what you think. xx Susy


Melissa de la Fuente said...

It looks beautiful Susy and I am so impressed that you have designed and handled that site all on your own! So impressive!

Francesca said...

this is all great info susy. going to check out supermarket and big cartel now. and your storque article looks great. will have a good old read later.

Rascallion said...

I am so with you on the Big Cartel thing. I have had my shop page for a few months now and LOOOVE it! I even posted about it on my blog today.

I am new to Trunkt, I didn't know there is a forum there and I can't find it.

Oh and I am nodding in agreement to your post above about all the online presence stuff to keep updated. Overwhelming at times. Maybe I will downsize too.