Almost...But Not Quite...

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I'm not a perfectionist...really far from it.

One day, when I was freelancing, I inteviewed at the Blue Q...I didn't get work from them...but, anyway...I noticed they had something really interesting on their business cards: "A good idea today is better than a perfect idea tomorrow."

And I thought to myself...if these people-- who are responsible for so many fun ideas-- think this, then I'm going to try thinking it too. And to this day, it's been helpful.

Anyway, it doesn't mean that I'm going to be listing *this* notebook up here anytime soon. It's just not there. I could do better. But, it does show a new binding that I'm working with...I want to keep the notebooks really flat and uninterrupted. I like the way each notebook reads as a canvas...but, cutting notebooks is really hard on my hands...so, it's kind of a must that I change the design in order to save my mittens. This is just a dummy, somthing I'm trying out.

Anyway, that's news. A huge thanks to all who took the time to comfort me this weekend (see my insecure little post below). You guys are the best. Absolutely!

I feel better today...I think I was just really stressed. Writing about a doubt is not something I'd ever done in my blogging life...but, I'm glad I did.

Oh, I almost forgot. To your right ----> is a little poll I put into my blog. If you have a sec, let me know how you found me. I wish Etsy would put some sort of field so that sellers could better harvest this info. It's really invaluable...especially when you don't have many advertising outlets, and it helps one to know how to best use their PR energy!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.


Making it Lovely said...

I also like "don't let best get in the way of better". I'm trying to do that myself.

Ooh, and you're going to NSS for the first time? Me too! I'm excited and nervous. :)

Susy said...

Yes, I'll be there...I'll probably be the person buried under her unstable booth...just look for legs sticking out from under a bunch of foam-cor.

: ) haha.

Yeah, it will be so nice to be able to meet other like-minded paperpeople. I'm totally looking forward to it!