If you can...

If you can cover it in paper, I'm gonna try. That's pretty much what I think about what I'm doing lately. I wake up at night, and dream of covering things in paper. I walk through Home Depot like a mental patient...silently cataloguing anything that can be covered in paper or made into a product...and it feels so GOOD.

A few weeks ago I posted about some pendants I was beginning to experiment with...and now, after a little while of plugging away at it, I've finally put my first one up on Etsy. I'm calling them NeckTiles, because I like that they look like little paper tiles. Each one comes with it's own felt pouch, handmade by yours truly. At first, my pendants looked a little globby and the color wasn't coming the glaze enough. But, I stuck to it, and now I'm quite happy with them. I'm even making my own bases for them, using my trust revlon nail file and a little patience.

I hope you enjoy these. I'll be listing more soon, in different designs and with different pouch colors.

More New: Calendar Progress! I am on my way to the bindery (scary) today with my printed calendars. There will be a large size (about 17" long) and a wee size (about 10" long) for sale shortly. So, I hope the binder doesn't mess em up. Holding breath.


Jessica L. said...

I really love your new necklaces. I'm not on a western salary right now, but when I get back to one I'll definitely have to get a necktile. Hopefully you'll keep making them!

Susy said...

thanks jessica! yes...there will be more...they are really fun to make. I've got more ideas for desgins I'm working on. I'm really loving the new medium.