Calendar Progress

Well, I've had some really wonderful, edifying comments on the calendar, so...I thought I'd post a shot of the progress...I was not happy with the binding job on the samples I brought to the binder, so...today, it's off to try and find another solution. Somehow, a basic spiral binding just doesn't cut it b/c all the pages get uneven when they are folded over. So, today I shall try wire-o...which is a little more reliable as far as neatness. Learning as I go is my modus operandi, in general.

Oh...and here's a pic of a new necktile that I will list shortly. I was at the Japan Society the other night, and they had a speaker talking on a mustard yellow podium. I was so struck by the color that I knew I had to work it into a piece, somehow. I'm really enjoying making these. It's fun to switch up media, and interesting to adapt and work with the patterns and motifs into other shapes and purposes.

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