Love and Headcolds, and Calendar Progress

I may have a stuffy nose, but I will not be stopped! Ok. Yes I will...if there's a Project Runway marathon on...

But anyway...I'm working on filling some orders, taking photos of my new necktile designs, and recovering from the TRAUMA of the bindery and what they did to my precious calendars. Thankfully, I had only brought a sample, rather than a whole bunch of calendars to them because they butchered them. Oh well. So, back to the drawing board on how to actually bind these suckers so they can hang.

Thank heavens for screw posts. In reality, they are the most attractive option...but they require a little more work to change the month. However, I don't think it will be a problem. The pages can easily be torn off, or moved to the back. Plus, the screw posts give a little bit of a high-end industrial feel to the whole affair.

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